Sunshine and Showers

17th February 2018

It was a day of sunshine and showers in Glen Coe today. It felt slightly milder than of late, with the freezing level slowly creeping up the hill. It feels like the snowpack has started to consolidate. However,  there is still plenty of unstable windslab out there.

Between showers I managed to get a look at the Flypaper, the scene of yesterdays triggered avalanche. Here is a description of the event from the Glen Coe Ski Patrol who were on scene (thanks guys);

“Lone skier triggered avalanche on flypaper run (closed) at glencoe mtn resort in poor visibility. Avalanche was triggered on Easterly aspect (spring paper side) and propogated round to radio gully so through NE to N .initial crown wall about 1ft then about 40ft lower second slab triggered by initial slide about 1.5ft depth.
skier buried up to neck managed to eventually get call out on mobile after 40mins”

The avalanche was triggered on the right had side of the big bowl in the picture below. The top crown wall has been covered by fresh drifting snow, but the crown wall of the second slide is visible running leftward from the buttress in the middle of the shot. Some of the debris can be seen in the bottom left of the picture, again starting to get covered in fresh snow.

The Flypaper and Radio Gully. The evidence of yesterday’s avalanche slowly getting covered by fresh snow.

The sun tried to break through at times, but plenty of spindrift blowing around.

Spindrift blowing around. In the foreground is a little of the debris from yesterday’s avalanche which was beginning to drift over.

Looking up towards church door buttress. Hard to see in the picture, but there was some fresh looking debris under Number 6 Gully (the diagonal gully in the centre left of the picture).

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