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8th March 2018

Although still cloudy on the tops, visibility was a bit better than it has been recently. Lots of snow in Glen Coe at the moment. There were some heavy snow showers at the top of the Glen while it stayed dry down towards Glen Coe village. Looks like a bit more snow overnight and tomorrow morning.

Still looking pretty white on the West face of Aonach Dubh.

The Buachaille looking well frosted. 

The view at higher levels was very similar to yesterday, and the day before, and probably the day before that I think. However, from time to time the sun disc was visible through the cloud, suggesting the cloud was not that thick.  

There was some visibility below about 900 metres. 

As regards yesterdays little quiz. Well having consulted a few people who know more about animal tracks than myself, the consensus was;

A. Red Deer

B. Red Grouse

C. Mountain Hare

D. Mountain Hare

The last of the pictures was the most difficult, and I have to admit had initially thought it was a fox. However, fox prints tend to be a lot more linear, with the front and back paws being similar size.

Everybody’s answer can be seen in the comments after the post. Congratulations to Mark Bull who despite not being very confident got them all correct, and perhaps a few bonus point to Gramps for his imaginative selection of answers . However, no large cash prize I am afraid, but perhaps a bit of (hopefully interesting) mountain knowledge.

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  • Gramps
    8th March 2018 8:57 pm

    Really hoped A was a Haggis so I would know what to look for in future. Hey ho. Fascinating all the same. Cheers.

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